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Left Handed Golf Clubs Reviewed

callaway strata plus left handed golf clubsLeft handed golf clubs reviewed will take a look at some of the best selling sets on the market and will discuss how these clubs performed, while also learning what consumers had to say in regards to the quality of the clubs and the standout features. We’ll also learn about what skill level each of these left handed golf clubs sets are intended for and which features you should consider before purchasing a set.

Left handed golf clubs sets can include everything from the putter to the driver, and even the golf bag and head covers. These club sets are a popular option for beginners because they’re not only more affordable but they also simplify the buying process. In years past, most advanced players tended to steer clear of club sets because the sets were usually specifically for beginners, however these days, more and more of the top golf equipment manufacturers are producing top of the line sets designed for beginners, intermediate players and pros. Today, it’s possible to find left handed golf club sets that are both affordable and high quality.

If you’re new to the golf game and you’re searching for a set to purchase, you should consider such factors as cost, the kind and quality of the grips and how many irons you want the set to include.

The golf club grip is the soft material located at the top of the shaft and it’s designed to help the user hold onto the club and it also determines the user’s ability to feel the how the head of the club impacts the ball. Grips are available in fiber cords, leather and composite rubber. Be sure to try out several before you purchase a set and choose the grip that feels right for you.

The shafts of the clubs are typically composed of a graphite cylinder or steel tube and features the standard length of thirty-four to forty-five inches. The steel is both scratch resistant and strong and can offer good swing control. Steel clubs are also more affordable than graphite ones. Graphite shafts weigh less and offer more flex, however, added flex also means less control.

Callaway Strata Plus Men’s Complete Golf Set with Bag (18 Piece) Review

callaway strata plus left handed golf clubsThis Callaway Strata plus men’s complete golf set includes two hybrids, and two fairway woods, a putter, six irons and the 460 cc driver. Also included are head covers and the golf bag. This golf club set is featured as our top rated model and offers the user the ability to improve their accuracy and range. The 3 and 5 W fairway woods are designed to provide more flex and consist of graphite shafts, which also means these clubs are lightweight. The irons included feature circumference weight technology, which works to increase the amount of control the user has over the club during a swing. The golf bag features a number of storage pockets, an automatic stand and dual strap and it also comes with a rain cover.  This golf club set received five out of five stars and is described as a good fit for all skill levels.

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Callaway Strata Men’s Complete Golf Set with Bag (13 Piece) Review

callaway strata left handed mens golf clubs imageThe Callaway Strata men’s thirteen piece golf set includes five irons, a 460 cc driver, two hybrids, a putter and two fairway woods. This set also comes with a matching golf bag and head covers.  The 460 cc driver features a large sweet spot and can provide the user with more accuracy in their swing. Three fairway woods come included and the head on these clubs are designed to provide the user with a longer range on their shots. The irons are made of stainless steel and can provide more control during swings. The only complaints this Callaway golf set received were focused around missing clubs or head covers in the set. There were no negative views in terms of how these clubs performed and overall this set featured mainly positive feedback. This model received four out of five stars from consumers.

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Pinemeadow Men’s PGX Golf Set Review

pine mountain mens left handed golf clubs imageThe Pinemeadow men’s PGX golf set has been described by users as being a set for beginners. Seasoned golfers should stay away from this set, as the included driver is specially designed for beginners and will allow them to achieve accuracy and distance with their swings. The included three woods are comfortable to use and can help to improve longshots. However, some consumers stated that these clubs were somewhat flimsy. This golf club set received the lowest rating, with three out of five stars. Great for beginners, but if you want a set of clubs that can last you for several years, these clubs aren’t for you. The best component in this set by far is the driver.  The included five PW irons are designed to provide the beginner with more balance and can be described as adequate to learn on. A golf bag and custom head covers are also included in this set. A great and affordable set of clubs for kids or beginners to learn on, but not a great buy for intermediate players.

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